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Explore and learn

It's really important that the children have time to just be children. Don't feel like they have to be sat at the table all day just because they are not at school. The children have lots of opportunity for uninterrupted explore and learn time at school, where they follow their own interests. 


Explorative play is key in supporting children's consolidation of experiences and learning that they pick up and observe from adults around them. 



Understanding of the World


*Why not let your child join in with the washing up? (of course only safe objects) There are conversations about the importance of cleaning our plates, cups, bowls and cutlery that can be had through this play. 


*As the season changes, why not plant a seed in the garden? This is an opportunity to talk about living things and what a plant needs to grow - light, water and soil (nutrients). 


*A scientific experiment could be fun... you could observe how ice changes/ melts. What material helps it to melt the quickest? Salt? Washing up liquid? Food colouring?