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Year 3

In Year 3 we have two geography foci.  In Autumn we start to focus on settlements and the key importance of Rivers with a focus on the River Nile.  In the summer we look at our local environment - all about Lowestoft and its key geographical features, tourism, environmental change and the rise of sustainable energy. 


Autumn - Why did they choose to live there?

Launching with an extended project that starts with a geography focus to learn about rivers of rivers and their importance on human geography of settlements.  Using this knowledge of rivers focus on the River Nile and why was it crucial for the development of the Ancient civilisation of Egypt?

Autumn - Why did they choose to live there?

Summer - Is Lowestoft the place to be?

Building on from our local studies in Key Stage 1 pupils will focus on the fishing history of Lowestoft and how it shaped our communities.  Asking questions about how Lowestoft has changed over time. How vital has the decline of the fishing industry been to the future development of Lowestoft? Using our geographical skills consider what is this place like and why?  How important is tourism to us now.Compare and contrast other regions in the UK with fishing industries – how did they regenerate?