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Statutory Assessments

At different times during their school life your child will be asked to undertake statutory (government) assessments.  We approach them as a normal part of our school routine. 


In Reception (EYFS) your child will be assessed on entry on key skills such as phonics and number.  This information will be used, in the future, to measure progress.  This assessment is a fun one-to-one assessment using objects. 


In Year 1 your child will take the phonics check. This is a 40 word assessment that is based on their ability to recognise and blend sounds to read words - some real, some alien. 

In Year 4 your child will take the Multiplication Times Table Check.  This is an online assessment of times tables.  There are 25 questions which have a 3 second gap between them.  We work on times tables every day in lots of different ways so that the children are the time they take the test.  Practising times tables at home is a really good way to support your child. 


In Year 6,  your child will undertake their SATS (Statutory Assessment Tests).  These take place in May.  Children are assessed in Grammar, Spelling and Punctuation; Reading and Maths.  There are 4 days of testing.

Monday: GPS

Tuesday: Reading

Wednesday:  Maths 1 - Arithmetic; Maths 2 - Reasoning

Thursday: Maths 3 - Reasoning.

The papers are sent away to be marked and the results are sent back to us in early July.  Children who score between 100 -109 scaled score will be EXPECTED and pupils who score between 110-120 will be GREATER DEPTH.

In Year 6  children's writing is also assessed to see if they have achieved expected or greater depth.  


If you have any questions about statutory assessment please contact your class teacher or Mrs Halliday.



To find out how we assess in other year groups and subjects please click the link below