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PSHE curriculum (including RSE)

At Elm Tree, we take a spiral curriculum approach to the teaching and learning of PSHE. Themes, skills and knowledge are revisited year by year which allows knowledge to deepen and the children to progress. The progression of skills document demonstrates how these skills develop throughout each year group.

Autumn 1: Me and My Relationships. This includes feelings, emotions, conflict resolution and friendships.

Autumn 2:  Valuing differences.  This includes British Values focus - democracy; the rule of law; individual liberty; mutual respect and tolerance. 


Spring 1: Growing and Changing  (including RSE using Educator Solutions resources for teaching)

Spring 2: Keeping Myself Safe including safe internet use (KS2) and aspects of relationship education. 


Summer 1: Being My Best   This includes keeping healthy; Growth Mindset; goal setting; achievement

Summer 2: Rights and Responsibilities.   This includes Includes money; living in the wider world; environmental issues. 

Further information about the teaching of RSE within the PSHE curriculum can be found in the PSHE policy on the school website.